Black Lady

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Claire Taylor

This is done as a poster illustration for a story by the same title.  All images used are stock photos, except for the hourglass symbol on Celia's stomach which was done freehand in Photoshop.  It was one of the final assignments for my Image Capture and Manipulation course. The subject in the picture is Celia, who was a black widow spider transformed by a mage  into a human girl child.  As a result, she's still got some spider traits - the hourglass symbol, the ability to poison by biting.  She also is missing a few key things that most humans grow up with - morals and a conscience.  This makes for a rather interesting story. ^_^   All stock photos were gotten from,  and a few from Ebay, which are royalty free.

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Category Horror

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This was a narrative paragraph written for ENG101. At some point, I'll probably use this in a longer story as well.


This was written as a descriptive paragraph for ENG101. The race is that of an avian - part human, part bird. At some point, I intend to use this in a larger story.

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Something I wrote to describe one of my pictures. I'm planning on using it in one of my longer stories.

Black Lady

This story happened because I really wanted to try writing in something other than first person. Plus, it was one of those days where it's hard to write and it seems like you can't come up with any ideas... so I let my mind blank and started with the first good sentence/subject that popped into my head. Which happened to be spiders. This story should probably have a parental rating on it, but I haven't figured out how to do that for stories yet. ^_^ This is a work in progress. As with everything else here, feel free to criticize. More will be posted when I get to writing it. :)


This was written as the brief background to a supporting character in a longer story I have written called WolfChild. In WolfChild, Yahn starts out as a huge jerk and never does tell anybody much about his life before he came into the story. He is half horse, half nightmare.

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Let me explain tabletop roleplaying: Dungeons & Dragons. However, we didn't play D&D exactly, we played Rolemaster, which is much better. ^_^ This particular world was created by my boyfriend - it's part of a video game he's been designing for a very long time. Catkin are part humanoid, part cat. This translates to having cat ears (and hearing!), a tail, and sometimes a cat-like nose. They are usually tall and agile with excellent balance, which makes them natural martial arts fighters. Because they are highly attuned with nature and religious faiths, their favored classes are usually priests & monks. Catkin lack technology, and because of their isolation from the rest of the world can be fairly naive. The goal, when we started this run, was to know (and possibly write down) the background of our character so we knew how they arrived at the 'beginning' - the starting point of the run.

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