max world is against me' cottam

You walk into a dark forest. the wind is whistling through the leaves, and the branches play a game with the few shards of light that penetrate the canopy. you walk slowly, feeling each twig break under your slow footsteps. You suddenly feel an involuntary shiver go up your spine. you turn around to leave, only to face even more trees. 'what the hell?' you say to yourself. You rnu blindly through the forest, not knowing where you are going, or why. suddenly, as if out of nowhere, appears a tower so grand, that you are surprised you didn't see it from outside the forest. You walk up to the ornate oak doors, and bang loudly, the sound echoing through the forest. one door opens, and a small boy is in the doorway. 'Please, come in traveller. Rest.' you walk into the building, not knowing what awaits you inside it's dusty walls. the door slams shut behind you, causing you to jump. you turn around, but discover a wall where the doors once stood. slowly, panic gets an icy grip on your mind once again. 'Where the hell am i?' you shout at the boy. 'Welcome' says the boy, a dark grin spreading accross his think face. 'to the hall of darkness.' It's then that you see the fog seeping in from between the cracks in the walls. 'What is this?' you try to scream, but the fog seems to muffle your voice. 'This' said the boy, his form slowly dissappearing into the fog. 'Is your story.'Well, My name is max, as ud already have guessed! And you have probably already guessed that i am mentally unstable. I suppose i write because i just want to get all of the amazing thoughts in my head down on paper before i forget them! im usually inspired by music, especially old classics like led zepplin! I suppose my ultimate goal in life would be to be an aouthor. i love writing! As well as occasionally killing K! ^_^ If you have any comments about any of my writing, be it good or bad, please say so! Cya! *Wanders off to Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith page and kills k repeatedly!things i like:Iron maidenled zepplinpink floyddire straitsthe darknessreadingtrusthonestywierd weaponsgood artmuffinscookies and other baked food!things i hate:popstepssclub 7+8 *shudder*lyingmalicousnesssprouts'i am ever hunted by the giant muffin that looms in the shadow behind me. i must go now. *walks off*' quote, me talking*random lumberjack*shut upnooh god..............THERES MORE OF 'EM!more of what?DON'T...TURN....AROUND....*turns around**army of giant muffins appears*run. run like you have a giant muffin chasing you.but we do have a...yes i know! just run dammit! RUN!!!!*ahem**strange bearded man appears* and now for some music.... *plays stairway to heaven by led zepplin* thats case you hadn't noticed, max has a strange obsession about being chased by giant muffins. hes seeing someone about it, but it ent working. *sigh* ah well. we can but hope.*update* ahve finally got mah act together, and ahm writing chapter 4 of the darkness approaches.ahm some way into it, and i reckon it shud be better than the first to. fingers crossed!plus.....mah first update! yeyy!we dont need no educationwe dont need no thought controlno dark sarcasm in the classroomteacher leave those kids aloneall in all your just a brick in the wallall in all were all just bricks in the walllinks!Chyaz 'little miss moose' samuel a fellow brit! read her stuff and JOIN THE MOOSE CREW!!!!Taylor O'connor what can i say??? bleeding great artist!Clair G Griffin theifs magic is great READ IT DARN YOU!Patricia 'Bunny' Shaw obsessed wiv no c her stuff!Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith She edits my stuff b4 i put it up. she rocks at writing. READ NOW OR MAY ETERNAL MUFFINS NEVER CEASE 2 DEVOUR YOU!These mist covered mountainsAre a home now for meBut my home is the lowlandsAnd always will beSome day you’ll return toYour valleys and your farms And you’ll no longer burnTo be brothers in armsThrough these fields of destructionBaptisms of fireI’ve watched all your sufferingAs the battles raged higherAnd though they did hurt me so badIn the fear and alarmYou did not desert meMy brothers in armsThere’s so many different worldsSo many differents sunsAnd we have just one worldBut we live in different onesNow the sun’s gone to hellAnd the moon’s riding highLet me bid you farewell Every man has to dieBut it’s written in the starlightAnd every line on your palmWe’re fools to make warOn our brothers in armsBrothers in Arms by Dire Straits

The Isolator

This is a story that wrote for my GCSE english. I got an A* for it so i hope u lot like it!

The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 3

Enjoy! ^_^

Tears of a Shadow

My first vampyre making it up as i go along :) its only the first chapter, or at least part of it! let me know what you think :)

The Darkness Approaches: Chapter 4

at last, here is the fourth chapter! hope y'all like it!its a work in ent finished yet.

House of my Mind

This is just something i put together in one of my many moments of madness!

The Darkness Approaches - Chapter 5

This is the mere beginning of the chapter, im going to work alot harder on this story now!

The Darkness Approaches: The Prophecy

Here is a little background to my story. intend to make it better, so feel free to critisize!

The Darkness Approaches: Chapters 1+2

Here's my first Elfwood story! Thanks to Miffy for editing chapter one for me! twice now! next time, ill re-check it before I post it! (Note: i have now edited the old bloke talking at the start, im gonna work on the rest as we speak!)