I'm female, born '79 and live in Sweden. Basics. I believe inside us all is something beautiful, all the essence of what makes us who we are. We all have different ways of expressing this inner blaze; for me it has always been through my drawing. I use most media, though CG is by far my favourite. It's so very versatile and you're in complete control. I use Corel Photopaint 9 - in my opinion it's one of the best graphics programs out there - and occasionally dabble in Corel Painter 8. One of my greatest inspirations has always been Pangaea; a story-in-progress I've been playing with for over half my life now. You'll find lots of its characters around this gallery. The Pangaea Website The Pangaea Community(Incidentally, I love fanart. ^__^d) I also love mythology and animals - all things intriguing or beautiful inspire me. There are far too many talented people in ElfWood for me to name them all, so I'll just mention some of my best friends: Li, God, Calamityjen, Carrot and Anna Larsson. Please note: I never take free requests. No commissions at the moment. 2005-05-09: Egads, this gallery is cluttered with old crap. I really need to rinse through it and remove some of the, hrm, less impressive pictures, don't I. Then again, I'm a helpless follower of the 'Throw it away?! But it might come in useful some day!' philosophy, so... ... Next update. Right. I'll clear it out next update. No, really. July 19 is my birthday. If you should happen to feel like celebrating me with some Pangaea fanart/fanfiction, I would be a very happy artist inded. ^___^