Everybody gather round, it's Steven, the colorblind art major. I'm 21, a senior in studio art at Florida State in Tallahassee, and yes, I'm colorblind. No, I can't tell what color your shirt is, thanks for asking. I'm a musician as well, a progressive house / breakbeat DJ, a big reader, and a loyal Xbox gamer. I haven't updated my gallery in two years, mostly because the art I'm making now has gone very far from this kind of fantasy drawing, but I'll keep it up and running just in case I decide to turn any of my many doodles into something worthy of posting. I'm always excited to draw for someone who's interested, so contact me at my e-mail address up there to the right, or on AIM, with commissions or swaps, or if you'd like to try to color any of my drawings. Since I can't.I've got a gallery going now, of the kind of work I've started making since entering art school, available for viewing at Definitely check that out.