David Streiff

Hey, I'm David Streiff (I also go by the pen name David Strife). I own bonegun.com. I have just published the first couple pages of my webcomic there. The first of at least three stories I'm making is called Halo of the Descent, an action comic where the main character finds himself being chased by army with only his best friend and bodyguard to help him. Another story I'm working on is called the Life, a fantasy story complete with Elves, Dwarves, Mages, and Clerics (based losely on AD&D, 2nd Ed.). Also, the story I'm the most excited about, is a fast paced comedy with cute animals protagonists, named Bonegun (which is why I chose the site name Bonegun). I'm also considering making a fan fic comic of Fallout, just because I know no one else will. Feel free to leave comments and make requests even! I usually check this every day. Please check out my website and join the forums if you like!