Richard Lorenz

June, 2011 ~~ Well, it HAS been a long time.  *sniff*  It still smells the same.  Moss, lichens, old leaves.  The stirring of the wind in the upper branches, and the stirring of little critters (and not so little) in the underbrush.  I've gotten distracted with reading books on how to write, without doing much actual writing.  I'm hoping to change that.  I'm going to carve my initials in this tree right here, and hope the tree doesn't mind.  I'll be back in a bit to tell you a story.  Wait right here for me. ~~ rl Wow!  That was a lot faster than I expected.  Which is a very nice surprise.  I hope my very few faithful readers enjoy them.  I have a few more chapters to rewrite and type, then submit. Also, I have a story posted  elsewhere.  I think its considered fanfiction, so I didn't even try submitting it here.  Genevieve is set in a MMORPG.  The game is free, but they do ask for donations.  "No cash?  Submit an article!"  So, I did.  Enjoy. January 2007--Well, Wyvern Project 5 is due on 31 January.  When we started, it seemed so far away.  Now, its so close.  I doubt my stories will post in time.  Oh well, its happened before.  Maybe next time I’ll meet the deadline. Its been a busy year.  I started playing Medievia, a MMORPG.  It consumed a lot of my time.  Then, I took an online class through the local college, called “The Art of Fiction.”  We tore apart short stories, looking for rhythm, flow, timing, characterization, plot, and other things.  Most people took the class, like me, to help them develop their own writing skills.  Then, there was a two week vacation out to my parents for a reunion.  I picked up a part time job at the local hospital, in addition to my full time one there already.  My son is in second grade, so he has science projects now, and social study projects, and more homework.  My daughter is in kindergarten, with a little homework.  And, today, my wife goes back to college full-time, along with working part time at Home Depot.  *sucking in air* That’s a lot.  At least for me.  I’m very sedentary.  I’d be a couch potato, except I don’t have a couch in front of my computer. I started “The Green Land” at work, several years ago, on my lunch break, but never posted it.  Then, I got the invite for WP5, and was given permission to use it, since it wasn’t a completed piece yet.  I decided I needed to go back and fill in some of the background story first.  Seven chapters later, (five of which I’m posting 22 January 2007,) and I’ve finally reached the point I started at work so long ago.  Its been fun, and just about over. Thanks to my friends for their patience, and their impatience, prodding, goading, and whining.  (Specifically you, Sandy.  :P) And thanks to the Mods for the Golden Phoenix Feather on chapter one.  That was too cool!!! For a listing of the WP participants, visit Lindsey M. Butler. If you comment on my stories, I will do my best to comment on yours. What I really crave is comments on internal cohesion. Did I change tenses, character names, holes in the story or unexplained jumps in logic, and other incongruities. Thanks for paying attention. Rich PS--Extensive corrections, (e.g.--typos, etc) will be edited down. After I have made my corrections., of course. I like writing, blogging, playing Medievia @ (shameless plug) Favourite movies Firefly/Serenity, Dune, Children of Dune, LotR, Star Wars, Ultraviolet, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Favourite books Tolkein, Raymond Feist, R.A. Salvatore, Patricia McKillip, Neil Gaiman Favourite music Christian Rock/Metal, Classical, Jazz

Raider 05: Willy the Cat

The hero gets a name and a meal, but not a haircut.

Green Land 02: Flight from Disaster

After having fled his father, our main character finds that he has just narrowly missed death. Intending to live off the land, he finds that the land is dying all around him, with no appearant place of refuge.

Green Land 05: Signs of Life

We are fleeing Death. It is all around us. In the midst of despair, we find hope. Black, hopeless hope.

Wyvern Project 4: Johnny Walker

According to the project guidelines, this is the story of a person who starts out very low in life. Johnny gets an incredible break. He turns his life around, affects those around him, and has the chance to change the course of life in a human city and an elven tribe. But will he throw it all away for revenge?

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

Raider 03: Arrest

Our hero is found, bound, and startled. Then he gets hit in the head.

Raider 07: Setup

Our hero walks into a trap and meets a couple of distressing damsels.

Green Land 07: The Long Road

While waiting for the rest of my family to show up, the management of Blue Pines fell upon my shoulders. I find that my daughter's heart has been stolen away. My wife was attacked by ghosts. And my son has spoiled like everything else in this cursed land. We flee south and east as far as we can, fleeing the source of desecration, only to be turned north again. Unwillingly.

Raider 04: Reversal

Our hero finds himself in a bind, looses himself, and decides to use his captors, while allowing them to think they are using him.

Green Land 01: The Beginning of the End

WHOOHOO!!! A Mod's Choice!!! I am so excited. Thank you for the Golden Phoenix Feather, Moderators! I started with a simple sentence: 'The land was green' one day on my lunch break at work. When I got the Wyvern Project 5 invitation, I knew this was the story to use. But, I needed more of a back-story, a prologue of sorts. This is it. This is why we needed to find a land that was green, and why ours wasn't green anymore.

Green Land 04: Death of the Great Tree

Although not delineated fully in the story, the Great Tree is symbolic, to the people of White Oak, of their prosperity. Much of the town revelry and celebrations took place there. To find it dead is a blow to their own self image.

Green Land 06: Blue Pines

I fled home with my family. Now I had a village, and my family was scattered all around me. I put on my father's armor, which chilled my heart, to seek out my daughter, who may or may not be in trouble. I finally find her and Edgar, Edgar and her. Them. Oh, and I get to witness the destruction of another town.

Raider 01: Manhunt

The search for a hero to arrest.

Green Land 03: White Oak

Fleeing my father, and the destruction of Gayat, we run into a small village with a big problem: a dreamer.

Raider 06: Discovery

Willy goes exploring and gets singed. Don't forget, curiosity killed the Cat.

Raider 02: Accusations

The accusations made against the hero.