Hi, and welcome to my part of the woods!I'm a 17 year old girl from the Netherlands. I love dragons and other creatures. I usually draw stuff with my mechanical pencil and my normal pencils. Then I color them in Adobe. I'm still practicing with Adobe and my tablet. =P I get my inspiration from music, books and other artists. I've been on Elfwood for 2 years now. I have met a lot of great people around here and I've seen many great things that have inspired me a lot. I haven't been much active around here but I still love to scroll through the many galleries. ^__^I've got another gallery as well at DAMy last updates in 2005:July 13th- My gallery is finally here!July 26thSeptember 1stSeptember 19thOctober 3rdNovember 12thDecember 27th - I deleted some of my old stuff.Updates in 2006:January/February - I deleted some of my old stuffMarch - Again, I deleted some stuff plus a few new drawings, keeping it small this time. ;)March/April - Haven't done much so just a small update this time. :)May/June - Uploaded some of my recent favourits ^^ I hope you like them too! ;)June/Juli - Cleansweaped my gallery, I may put some of my old ones back at DA at my scraps...;)August - A little update, no deletions this time.September - Made animations. x3October - Pretty big update =DNovember & December - Just an update. =P And a happy New Year!!Updates in 2007:January/February - Little updateMarch / July - Little updatesPeople you should visit:Karin van Zon - She's got a lot of great pictures of dragons and sculptures!Rebecca K. Earl - She's got a lot of great pictures of fairy's, dragons and other creatures!Derek R. Clawson - My neighbourgallery to the right and he's got some very neat pics!Xander DIrven - He also got a lot of cool dragons!Lindsey Gunsallus - She's got a lot of great drawings of dragons!Alexandra 'Xiao' Stricker - My little sister, go visit her too!Annie-Pier Vibert 'Shea' - I met her at DA, she's got a great gallery! It's no longer updated but still worth a visit! Magdalena Mantler - She has got really great pictures of elves and manga!Vincent Bernardo - He has got some of the best anthros I've seen on Elfwood!