Hallo dear Elfwood fellows! I had an update, as you may see, which includes chapters 6 ,7 and 8 (I hope) of my story MARBLEMOON. I am writing on chapter 11 momentarily. I will tell you here that I am aware that my grammar is rather poor sometimes, but that is because my native language is German and English is my second one. So I am not an expert. But I would love all who find any funny stuff in my story to tell me. Anyway, I would like to hear what you have to say about my stuff, cause if it's rubbish I will stop it and work on other things!! ^^ Alright my dears, please leave comments okay?? See ya soon! Update 2nd of September

Marblemoon Chapter 5b

So part two of it. :) I hope you like it!!

Marblemoon Chapter 9

So now, I decided to post it earlier. I have a writer's blockade at the moment, so I would love you to read it!! ^^

the Path

Poem written for a competition we had at school :)

Marblemoon Chapter 10

Here goes Chapter 10. :) Hope you like it!!

Marblemoon Chapter 1

Sorry that I deleted the original Chapter 1. Something weird is going on with my library... HM. Okay! Since you have fund your way here I would love you to read through Marblemoon! I started it nearyl a year ago, after my graduation Journey and after reaging Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. :) Enjoy reading it!!

Marblemoon Chapter 2b

Continuing of part 2. Again I say, it will be really important in the rest of my book!

Marblemoon Chapter 8 a

This is part one of Chapter 8. I tell you before you read this that there are grammatical mistakes I'm fully aware of! ^^ They are there on purpose. I hope you enjoy reading this, cause I loved writing it!! ^^

What you are

poem that is dedicated to a really really good friend!! Thanks for being here!!

Marblemoon Chapter 2a

second part of it! Reall really important for the upcoming story! Even that there seems to be no fiction in this chapter, believe me there is and it will come out later in the story!

Marblemoon Chapter 7 a

So now, this is Chapter 7. I hope you enjoy the read!

Marblemoon Chapter 6

I warn you before you read that this chapter is kinda boring. I hope there will be someone who reads it!^^

Marblemoon Chapter 8 b

This is part two of Chapter eight. I hope all of you enjoy reading this, I warn you: it might be a bit, well, brutal or something like this, in the end. So you might be stunned as how brutal it might get. Not really brutal, but not as nice as the rest that is already here! ^^

Marblemoon Chapter 3

It is the third chapter as you may have noticed. :)

Lightening and Cloud

This is a short story I wrote when I was in my seventh year at school. That's why the English is so poor... :)

Marblemoon Chapter 4a

It begins to become really interesting by now. More and more Riddles are to be found and no one knows the answers.. or do they?

Marblemoon Chapter 4b

part two of Chapter 4. I hope some of you like the way the story goes

Marblemoon Chapter 5a

This is the fifth Chapter of Marblemoon. ^^ In canse anyone is interested in this: this is my favourite Chapter. :) I loved writing it and I love reading it over and over again. *heheh* As it is too long, I had to split it up into two parts again. I hope you enjoy it!!

Marblemoon Chapter 7 b

Here goes Chapter 7b!! I hope all of you enjoy reading it!! ^^