HI!! Welcome to my galery and stories! I had a lot of work lately but I also found the time to draw some quite fine stuff. These are all of the FlowerFairies. I created them during my last two weeks at school. Some of you may have noticed the similarities I tried to design to Howard Faria's work, which I highly adore!! I didn't mean to copy or rob your work, I merely tried, which way my work would look like if I tried to draw like you do! You are an amazing artist, and in my eyes the best above all!! All who haven't been on her page yet, go and look at her work!!! It's gorgeous!! Love, Karin Oh and by the way, I am the right one of these girls on the photo. :) The left one is Isi and the girl in the middle is Schagi. The two of them are my best friends!! Thanks for being here!! *kissies*