Chrysalis Suisho

The Stars Fell From Heaven: Prologue

The problem with choices...

Legacy of Power Chapter Three

 An old friend from home brings troubling news to Gaeron, senior counselor to the King.  What does it forbode?

Legacy of Power Chapter Two

 The kingdom, seemingly at peace, prepares for a grand celebration. But danger lurks within the walls of Angstel.  Who are the enemies and who can be trusted?

Legacy of Power Chapter One

 The kingdom of Angst is in danger from the outer kingdoms. The only one standing between the people and the invaders from the Dark Regions is a woman who has lost her history, but who follows her own sense of justice.  Around her swirls mysteries that, when resolved, will change her perception of life forever, and lead to the a revolution of the world in ways her people may not be ready to accept.