In the Light of a Blood Red Moon

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Colleen Klockow

In your eyes I see it done Colors drained away like water Distance all but disappears and nothing can be done. -(Don't Turn Away by Ra)    Aoi remained kneeling, the final screams of his sister echoing in his ears with every drip of his blood. It had all happened so suddenly he hardly knew where to begin to process it. A cold knot of fury nestled in his stomach and he had to bite his tongue to keep from screaming in anger. Everything faded from view and he was falling. Unable to brake his descent without his wings, he fell with a thundering boom and lay still. Ages seemed to pass before the primitive people of earth found Aoi and carried him away with a gentleness that even surprised him.     As he recovered, the cold knot of fury in Aoi's stomach cooled and hardened, and he took the mantle of a guardian deity to the humans. Outwardly, he remained quiet, drawing away suspicion while slowly manipulating events in preparation for the day when he would fix the rift created by the Celestial War.     (Again, just a quick thing I wrote to go with the picture, and I felt the song fit the story very well the whole time I was drawing this so I included a bit of it. Look it up, is good song ) And, now you know where Aoi picked up the pseudonym "The Guardian" which I use to refer to him for most of the rest of the story Another double meaning, gasp! And I post with mature warning because there is much blood and unhappiness in this picture.  

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