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ummm...don't know what came over me, as you've probably guessed I don't draw these scenes much...Well, it's Aoi again, and his wife Shiroi, there's a very complicated back story to this, so I'll try and see if I can summarize...Humans were created to take the Angelth's(Aoi's race) place after they lost a war to Hell and made a deal saying they would supply a regular shipment of slaves. Aoi and his sister strongly disagreed because they thought that since humans weren't even around during the war they were innocent and didn't deserve to be punished. Politics in Heaven got edgy and when an accident happened, his sister was blamed and sent to Hell. Fingers pointed to Aoi saying that he had helped his sister, and since he had the lesser crime he found himself banished to earth for 700 cycles (how long earth lasts from one creation to it's destruction) Stubborn, and not willing to consign his sister to Hell, he began to manipulate the human race so they could both defend themselves and help him in his cause. Humans began to build civilzations, learn magic, etc...One day his sister broke free of hell for a while, and he shletered her with a tribe of humans he had been staying with. For a while she recovered until Shiroi and her brother Kuroi, the Angelth of death who decided which humans went to heaven and hell, tracked them down and tried to return Aoi's sister to Hell. Aoi fought them, and in order to get him away Shiroi well...you can see...While he was gone his sister was taken away. Aoi returned to find the village in ruins. That's about it...there's more things to tell, like the repurcussions in Heaven, but I think I'll stop there...

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