Aiden Hates Reporters

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Colleen Klockow

And here he is faced by a whole slew of them. He's preparing to use magic too, if you look at his hand, poor reporters, they picked on the wrong guy! You can't see it, but he's just opened the door and they're trying to question him. He's just visiting the father who adaopted him when he was little and had no memory of who he was. Why can't he do so in peace, and then head back to his duties in Egypt? It's a long story which I one day hope to post bit by bit on elfwood, but I need to learn HTML first. Until then I'll give you a short bio of him: Name: Aiden (formerly Oojii) Age: Discounting 3000 year stasis, mid thirties Occupation: One of three leaders who control the elements, known as the triad. Holding: He rules what remains of Egypt which he resurected himself, it is now a fortress city. Relations: He has a younger brother named Maet (formerly Veygalt), a son named Daemon, and he used to have a wife named Adamina (formerly Anahkee) who died before he could wake her from Egypt's stasis, hers was faulty. Current quest: He's trying to find Adamina's reincarnation, named Destiny. After which he will hunt down the band known as the tenth element who forced Egypt and the other members of the triad into stasis in the first place. Allies: Shangri-La(led by empress Cybele) and Atlantis(led by king Adonis) Enemies: Leader of the tenth Element, and the UN, who has recently declaired war on him and the other members of the triad. Random: He plays an instrument which is part flute, part harp-played by blowing in the mouth piece, the wind vibrates the strings and notes are made by placing fingers in the strings. He is often found in the city using it to tell stories to children. So now you know more about him, and obviously how he looks.

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