Sophia Parham

My name is Sophia 'Sophie' Parham. I've been drawing, coloring, painting, and sketching for as far back as I can remember. I think that what truly inspires me, both in the art and writing field, is music and nature. If any music composition is strong enough to touch my soul, to give me this picture in my mind of captivating beauty, then it's always helpful to me. I think that nature also has its strong points in what I do because I grew up around a place of few natural landforms and settings, so I don't know how breathtaking a 'real' experience would be. But I 'do' know that when I look at photographs, or watch videos about them, it gives my mind's eye room to explore to its heart's content. (ex. are waterfalls, mountains, fields, sunsets, oceans.)My biggest goal in life is to be successful, whether in the artistic/literature field, or even just normal business jobs and family life. I just want to be successful, so that when it's time for me to pass on to the other side, I'll be remembered in people's hearts through generations.