Well I live in Amarillo Texas and I hate it. Its so hot! my pour body cant take it! Well I'm the baby of my family. 7 kids and i'm at the but of them T_T. I'm an RP freak. i love Harry Potter, LOTRs, Sailor Moon, anything by CLAMP, and From far away and Vampier game. and i am so in love with Fruits basket! i could die from my love for Kyo-Kun and Haru-Kun. I am deeply in love with a guy (Who doesnt care i am alive T_T) but ill live. I love music all kinds! mostly Rock, my fave song in thw whole wide world is so faraway by staind. i love it becouse it was one of my futer brother-in-laws favs and well he was killed so. well noting left to say so i'll shut up and move on.

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