Sharlyn Rae

My name is Sharlyn Rae, but most people call me Sun Rae (hence the nick.) I don't usally draw fantasy, but thought I would try very hard then try to get on Elfwood. My sister found this site about two or three years ago and ever since I've wanted to join. But there was draw backs. I didn't know how to draw fantasy. I set my mind to it and here I am. I just turned sixteen and am looking forward to getting my drivers permit. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm already learning how to drive.) I've started drawing very young. I am most interested in women. I love drawing womwn. For one thing it's one of the only things I can draw. You probably won't ever find a picture that I've drawn that is a man. I don't know how! Life inspires me. I love wandering around watching people. I make stories up for them and then draw their story. It's very fun! Music also inspires me. I love listening to a song and drawning my vision of it. My goals in life are to become a therapist for the blind deaf and mute. How to relearn everything after this happens. I've already started my training in Braille and Sign Language and am looking forward to building my skills.