Monday, January 5 2004 My picture 'For Sana' is a Mod's Choice!Wednesday, June 4 2003, 23:36:45 Gallery open and 5 new pictures up!Hello everyone, I've not been on Elfwood for that long so I'll try to tell something about myself. I'm a Dutch computer science student. A couple of years ago I started practicing my drawing more seriously, and now, even though I know I can still improve, I finally dare to show my work to other people ^_^' For my pictures I usually start out with a pencil sketch. After that I ink it with a pigment liner or pen and ink. The rest is computer coloring using Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. Ever since I a got myself a drawing tablet I often draw my pictures on the computer from scratch, especially now I discovered the phenomenon oekaki board. Gotta love pressure sensitivity! I've been neglecting this gallery a little bit because I don't like being in a ticket queue...  I take commissions (visit my homepage!).LINKS: My fanart gallery My homepage My brother's gallery My nephew's gallery   Hope you enjoy yourself while you're here!