Join Us... And Die

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Sheri Martin aka Slim

A scene in one of my unfinished stories. I haven't written this far yet, but I'm planning ahead, and this part will most likely be included in it. Don't be fooled- the imprisoned guy (Jake- very unoriginal, I know, but I needed a common name for storyline reasons. Not to be confused with a certain retarded show about an American dragon called Jake Long. I was writing this story years before that show came out. T_T) brought it upon himself. For a slight, blunt, and boring overview into what's going on, listen up: Setting is present and near future in southern America, Texas-ish, in what you could call a parallel universe. Things happened there that didn't happen here. Like Mexico was seized and turned into a superstate by the US. Jake just happens to be a dragon. He is the type that can change forms between humanish and dragon. Unfortunately fo him, he made enemies with the American Army, who was hunting down dragon colonies to turn them in weapons. ***The public has absolutely no idea that dragons are around. They think they're simply imaginary creatures. Same goes for Griffins, Phoenixes, et cetera.*** The US gov. wanted him because of his unique abilities- He descended from a mixed breed of dragon. In the distinct subspecies, his great-great grandfather, a black dragon, breeded with an unknown Pyros, thus giving his lineage uncontrollable monstrous powers, magical and physical. Anywho, at a young age, some humans collared him in his human form with a ring of steel plated, diomand cored iron. Because of the iron, he couldn't change back to his dragon form, or he'd snap his own neck and die, but because of the steel covering it, he could still use his magic. And, obviously, because of the industrial diomand center, he couldn't break it. He needed the laser key that the government possessed, so he went out searching for it. Eventually, he was caught in the desert by a group of mechanized Eleck- elctricity controlling- dragons, who were remotely controlled to some extent by humans. He was chained up in iron and guarded by the brainwashed dragons, who were merely ghosts of their former selves. They circled him, jealous that he was still whole, repeating their metallic pleas- "Join us- and die." ---Drawn in its entirety in Adobe Photoshop Elements.---

Published More than a year ago

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