So, I'm finally updating my Bio. Hello, It's me.... obviously. Well, uh, as you can tell, my name is Angelina. Only one person really uses my nickname anymore, so I've just about dumped it. I'm 20 years old, now, and trying to get into online classes to get a degree in Game Art & Design. I've decided that, since what I love is drawing, and what I do best is drawing, I might as well attempt to make it a career. I've finally gotten situated with this wacky change in Elfwood... I just hope they don't do it again any time soon. New things should be showing up, and keep showing up more often now. I'm trying. Heck, once I'm in school, I might even put up designs from my portfolio. Ooooo, a dip into my journal, eh? Anyway, I'm still working on several aspects of my art. For instance, I can't draw animals worth... beans. I envy my good friend, Brittany. She can draw animals.... I wanna draw animals.... but they're so darn hard!!! >. I really want Photoshop back!!!! I have lineart I want to color, but I don't want to use pencil!!! >. Anyway, Take a look around... I'm getting the new stuff out. Give me time to catch up. ^_^ Love & Biscuits! ~Angelina M. Virgilio