Russell Franklin

Currently on hiatus.Please ignore all the work found on this site, it will be updated eventually, but does not reflect Sora's story as it has developed at all.

Seraph Part 3

This introduces four new charicters in the story. Psychics. ranas and Sanar and their parents whose names I will change later. Herald also reveals himself, bending the family to the will of his master. It also features a long conversation between Sora and Drake. I tried to avoid making it sound forced which was hard with all the info i wanted to pack in. Critesisms are more than welcome.

Seraph Part 1

This is the first part of my story called Seraph. It is my masterwork; the story that will either mould me into the writer I dream of being, or leave me as the broken failure I dread becoming. I have enclosed the prolouge, and the first few paragraphs. Hopefully short enough to get some people interested. It is set in our world in the near future; it is a world ravaged by war, or more presicely, extermination. The angles are killing us all. The fact that they cannot cross salt water has saved many lives but mankinds future looks bleak. When nearly all children are born dead, when law and order are slowly crumbling, where unknow heavenly creatures have begun to appear... We are fading... But not yet beyond saving... Critesisms are more than welcome

Seraph Part 2

This continues Sora's story. He meets Drake, a strange man with a hidden past, discovers the catalyst of his destiny, and sets uot on a course that will change the world. Critesisms are more than welcome