Hi, my name is Russell and I have just finished school and am enjoying my holiday before sixth form. I am a writer and an artist and I have decided to display my work at Elfwood because is almost exclusivley fantasy. My spelling and punctuation are terrible, as is my drawing in general, but I have been told I am good at stringing words together. My work is heavily influenced by the works of such great Fantasy writers as Philip Pullman, Garth Nix, Stephen King (I have just finished the second Dark Tower and loved it), Paulo Coleho and perhaps Terry Pratchet (although I stopped any attemps at comedy long ago). I am a vegetarian and am planning to write about my experiences in that area, but I suppose it wont make it's way to Elfwood. I have a lot of ideas but am saving most of them for when I am a better writer and I will be able to do them more justice. I am currently working on the first part of the 'Sora's Story Trilogy', which is my His Dark Materials inspired masterwork. I draw anything that pops into my head, 99% of which is fantasy or sci-fi related. I rarely use any pictures except for when I draw people. Most just comes straight out of either the heart or the head. Hope you like my work. Russell Note. My writing will be up soon