Susan McMillan

If finding this corner of the Elfwood, you’ve either been referred or it’s been random. Whatever the reason, welcome and enjoy reading what’s on display of my work. Despite regularly writing, updating tends to be irregular with everything that’s juggled in my life. Commentary is always welcome; most of the work posted here is in first or possibly second draft form, due to desiring outside feedback when working on it so I knew whether the direction intended was working or not. Simply enjoy and if my writing does fascinate or intrigue, then, in some way, I’ve succeeded.

The Beginning

I simply began typing, with a vague idea of a plot idea that I wanted to get out of my head (I've been doin' lots of that lately) and so, I'm tossing this out there, to see how it goes. Obviously, it's unfinished.

The Binding

Recently, I decided to revamp and recreate some characters from the Celtic/fae world I was creating with a friend. Here's the introduction of one of those newly remade characters.

facing a remembered past

This is a solo for one of my characters, Maerynn, in order to introduce her to the StoneSinger RP my friend Pam started some time ago. It was born out of frustration about the character and yet, in the end, Maerynn and I came to an understanding.

once to crash, twice to burn Part III

The title explains it. Sorry it took so long to get up here.

Cat Amongst the Unseelie

I'll be the first to admit this story isn't finished in the strictest sense of the word, but from m'character's viewpoint, it is, having not wanted others to know the story of what happened when she was in Scotland, rescuing her god-daughter.

Afternoon Confessions

The pair in this story are relatively new characters of mine, give or take a few months. I decided, after much consideration and since they were both in the same country, why not have them meet up? It started out as a solo for an RP I'm involved in with a friend but it twisted itself into something a li'l more than that and the two characters developed the story nicely.

once to crash, twice to burn: part II

The title is rather self-explanatory. Part 2 of 'once to crash, twice to burn'.

Will You Be Mine?

It was a rainy day and I felt I just had to write this story. It's a simple sketch and meant to be part of a collection of similar sketches. Somehow, I haven't had that 'rainy day' inspiration since this story.

Rhapsody Blue

Isn't it a dream when characters set up camp in your head and they start telling you what they want you to know about 'em? That's what Rhapsody did, as soon as she knew I was awake - barely awake and I couldn't quite comprehend what was being said. This turned out to be more of a sketch, than a story, but it's Rhapsody's introduction 'cause she's decided she wants to be known to the world at large.

once to crash, twice to burn: Part I

I'm not certain I should actually put this story up at all but I did promise and here it is. It's certainly too long to be put up here in its entirity, so it's being placed here in sections. I had an idea for a story, so I wrote it down. I had an idea for a character just before the story and she shaped this story into what it has become.