Susan Rodio

www.susanrodioart.bravehost.comCompleted: DIP of Fine Arts Sydney 1996All work is painted by hand using Acrylic paint on Canvas.Greeting Cards, Prints and Bookmarks of my Faery and Mermaid Paintings available here:  * HERE * Other Products: Faery, Mermaid & Angel Mouse Pads, Magnets, Stickers and More available at my shop here  *HERE*SEE MORE of my PAINTINGS and find out more visit my  Official Website      I like ART, Astrology, Esoteric Subjects , Mythology, Folklore, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Reading, foreign films, reading biographies about interesting people and other artists, reading in general, nature, enjoying the good and simple things in life. Favourite books The Art of Faery by Brian Froud and Alan Riche, Books by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, 500 Faery Motifs, Maxine Gadd's Art book. Favourite music Jeff Buckley, Jewel, The Smiths, Cris Isaak, Genesis, 80's music, Cowboy Junkies, Fiona Apple,Queen, Jewel, Celtic Music, Sounds of Nature.