Suzanne Collins

I am a girl who loves to read and get lost in fantasy or history and in my spare time I love to write stories. I usually have more than one on the go, and some tend to get forgotten or abandoned.I love reading fantasy and historical novels; my favourite authors are Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, James Clemens, Elizabeth Chadwick, Phillipa Gregory and many others. I am a BIG Harry Potter lover and envy the abilities of a writer like Rowling to captivate and transport readers with her imagination.I also like drawing, though my talents are somewhat amateurish. I like to get advice and feedback on my work, but they're mainly done for my own pleasure. In particular I like conjuring up images of women in beautiful medieval costumes (although this is my own take on 'medieval', in the loosest sense of the word...).I am hoping to keep a steady stream of chapters coming on 'Powers that Divide' ... some very positive feedback has given me a suitably large boot up the backside to keep writing, so thank you! Feedback on these stories would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to ask questions so that I can clear up any anomalies! (Not that there should be any anomalies, but my lack of forward planning means I sometimes have new ideas popping in that tend to throw off threads of the story into confusion...)I also have some other works in the background, which I hope to get started on soon, so watch this space!Check out my Twitter page where I hope to keep updates on posts:@dragonbonkersHappy reading! x

Billy Johnson and the Chimney Monster

Billy Johnson discovers a strange but endearing creature up his chimney.A short piece I wrote for my A Level English Lang course, just rediscovered and thought I'd post. Enjoy!

Tales from the Faerielands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 4)

The final battle approaches.

Tales from the Faerielands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 3)

Cormyr sets out with his kin to find the Druid, accompanied by beautiful and angry Elves.

Tales from the Faerilands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 2)

Cormyr starts on a journey to find the source of his dreams, and finds something far worse than he ever imagined.

Tales from the Faerielands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 1)

Cormyr is a young and adventurous Unicorn whose dreams hint at an unknown evil terrorising his homeland.

Powers that Divide Chapter 17

The princess is finally betrothed, and Grendian begins to question their place at court.

Powers that Divide Chapter 16

Della catches up with courtly life, and her vows to Lord Grendian are put in jeopardy by an unexpected encounter.

Powers that Divide Chapter 15

Della's stay in Thulrind comes to an early end, a pact is made, and she begins to have suspicions about Grendian's abilities.

Powers that Divide Chapter 14

Della is more than ever on her guard, and Grendian reveals a shocking truth.

The Powers that Divide Chapter 1

Della is a serving maid in the castle household. She is young and naive, and finds herself captivated by the King's personal advisor, Hamien.

The Strength Within

This is a story I wrote a few years ago for a competition (which unfortunately it didn't win). I had a word limit of 2000, so I know that it leaves much to be desired!

The Griffon

This is a poem about a griffon who is graceful and powerful, but is also a loving and protective mother.

Powers that Divide Chapter 5

Della's marriage doesn't get off to a good start.

Powers that Divide Chapter 3

The wedding takes place and Della begins to wonder if she's made the right decision.

Powers that Divide Chapter 8

Della receives a disturbing request, and a confrontation with Tobin leaves her shaken.

Golden Dragon

This is a poem that just popped into my head one day. Again, I'm NOT a poet, so do feel free to criticise and I will feel like I'm learning something! :o) Update: Spacing has been amended - thanks for the advice!Here's a link to a video I made of the poem, music by Blackmore's Kingdom

Powers that Divide Chapter 4

Della loses her innocence, and provokes the unpredictable temper of her husband.

Powers that Divide Chapter 6

Della has an interesting encounter in the forest.

Powers that Divide Chapter 10

Della arrives in Thulrind, and encounters a mysterious woman with a secret past.

Powers that Divide Chapter 9

Della learns some interesting history and meeting her new suitor, finds she is pleasantly surprised.

Powers that Divide Chapter 12

Grendian and Della make plans, and their relationship takes a new turn.

Powers that Divide Chapter 13

Hamien has an unsettling experience and Della discovers a new place and gets involved in some intrigue

Powers that Divide Chapter 7

Della's welcome in the castle is uncertain, but help comes from an unexpected source.

Powers that Divide Chapter 11

Della and Grendian learn some disturbing news, and Della's surprise visitor reveals some even more disturbing secrets.

Powers that Divide Chapter 2

Della meets her future husband.