King Halbert and Rose

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Suzan Bongers

It is official: I seriously dislike coloured pencils. I need to buy a ruler and to clean my desk so I can draw on it. Drawing with my sketchbook in my lap is bad for my shoulders, back and the picture. Despite that the border is badly messed up, I decided to finish it. Halfway colouring I wanted to ink it and some other stuff happened, making this a very chaotic project. The legend in short: King Halbert (the one on the left with the dorky crown) marries to stop a war, but loves another woman (dull eyed peasant girl on the right). The queen, being the daughter of the god of Madness and Disease and very good at the Dark Arts, curses the girl to be forever an undead with a shattered mind. The king dies on the battlefield and curses on his turn the bloodline of his wife, which happens to be his own bloodline as well, but that’s just a minor detail when you’re angry, right? At first I thought king Halbert to be a young man, as he would definitely be portrayed in many stories, but I figured it would be more tragic if he was older. Old, weary and burdened king seeks solace in young, innocent and simple peasant girl. Sounds tragic to me. The red seven-pointed star marks the queen as the daughter of the god of Madness and Disease and the royal crest of Halbert’s family is a white dove holding a golden heart. I stink at drawing birds, so it’s cute. You can read a version of this legend here. (It links to my wyvern shelf.)

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Category Horror

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