Susanne Jakobsen

Hey again. This is the mangaprinsess talking.  This is my fan quarter. I love manga and anime more then everything. I draw manga because I want to work with that later.  My goal is to make my own fantasy manga one day. To do that, I have to study in London. But how to get there is a big mystery to me. My favorite is Inuyasha, and the next is Ranma 1/2. Hellsing, Fruits Basket, Yu yu Hakusho and Wolf's Rain are also nice. Inuyasha is so cool. Now I'm collecting Inu Yasha artifacts. In fact, I'm an real Inu Yasha fanatic. I think Kikyo and Inuyasha are ment to be together, Kagome doesn't belong there. She could go after Kouga or somthing. (I think Kouga is a little stupid and I don't like his voice in the japanese version of Inuyasha) The one person I don't like in the serie is Miroku. He's so lame, and gets on my nerves. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are both hot, so I guess I will draw them a lot.  Ranma 1/2 was the first manga I ever red. I fell in love the first time I opened the book. Really funny. Ryoga is cool. I pitty him for his bad sence of directions.Ryoga desirves Akane better then Ranma. Ranma is a loser when it comes to girls, so is Ryoga. A kiss is torture for them. *LOL* Hellsing is fun. I love ALUCARD. He's a sexy vampire, yes. Me likes vampires. I think the serie Wolf's Rain is so sad. I cried like a baby when Toboe died....... I couldn't hold my tears back. Kiba is my favorite of the wolfs. So cute and stubborn. The ending was a big puzzel though. Fruit's Basket is funny. Full og humour. A cute serie about love and friendship. I pitty the cat, because it was tricked by the mouse. Yu yu Hakusho is a nice serie. But I've just watched the first 25 episodes because It wasn't any more for me to download. I was so angry because I didn't get to see Kurama change to his Youko form! How can I get the rest of the episodes? Where? *Cries* Have I told you before that I'm also a fan of The legend of Zelda series? I love Link just like my friend. (The one with almost the same name as I) We play Zelda a lot. Right now, I'm trying to complete Majora's Mask. But I hate the Stone Tower temple. It's so difficult. But I MADE IT. Personally I like the Ocarina of time better. I just know that will change when the new Zelda game comes on the Norwegian marked. I LOVE LINK. Oh....and before I forget it, I also like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Please enjoy my gallery, I like to get comments how to make my drawings better. My artistic friends: Marte Hilleren Susanne Jakobsen  (Funny we got the same name)