Simon Svensson

*Updated 2005, 15 of December * 1 pictureNo text apart from the description of said picturePrevious update was in 2001, 31st of MayNext, edited on 2002, 27/6, added 1 line of text ) Im a Swedish guy, but I guess you can all see that from the world map location *points to the up-right, or something like that, If I remember correctly* I dont have a life. At least not for the moment, since I am sitting here writing this, but if I really really try, I have one. I love playing Roleplaying games, and LRPG's too, such as Vampire: the Masquerade, where I am playing a most developed and charming Toreador ( At least I'd like to think so myself ). Apart from that, I tend to StoryTell more than play, I design long campaigns and other things like that for my players, we've been roleplaying for over 5 yrs now, and we're finally getting somewhere.. I see. You want to know more? No you dont. *smiles wickedly* Old Desc: Well. ok. I dress all black, looking like that typical weirdo standing in a corner somewhere, black, dyed hair and all. Long, black trenchcoat and combat boots that always adorn my beeing. And no. Im not a goth. I listen to Electronical music, like Front 242, VNV Nation, Covenant, Welle: Erdball, Depeche Mode etc. But I do hang out with goths. If it can be called hanging out? As no one really visits my gallery at ALL anymore, aand since i havent updated a single picture in 2 years now, I finish this biography here and now. Some Links Meghan Farrell /Simon

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