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I have been working on a numerous amount of works that are told in a mythology based style revolving around a nordic based theme. I enjoy reading nordic legends and tales considering my ancestors were from Sweden and Finland, years before they came to America. Sweden and Finland along with many other European countries and their history has always fascinated me, but many of the fantasy novels I have read fall short from what my finicky taste requires. So one night i had an idea and it bothered me for so long that i began to write them. I have a series of novels I have written that i have printed on my computer, collecting dust beside my desk, and these works are the first I have ever submitted for anyone besides myself to read. I basically write to satisfy myself so i can look back one day when i am an old man and read what my mind use to be like :).  I like Sports, fishing, exercising, movies, and European history. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Conan (both movies), The Legend of Seeker. Favourite books The Silmarillion, His Dark Materials trilogy. Favourite music If it sounds good then i'm listening, not really picky.


Another sample chapter from the works titled, "Arrista".  It is the story of the destruction of Avaruus by Vorax the Lord of Shadow after he descovers his Fractional children murdered by the other Gods upon the stairs of the Great Halls of Debate. His Queen, Shivengail, the Goddess of Fire finds the same fate upon the doors leading into the Great Halls. (See the work titled Arrista).Deiraheit is the full blooded God of Thunder. His father is Vorax and his mother is Shivengail. His Spoken Word is believed to be the most destructive of all the Gods.Upon Vorax's arrival into the new world, he seeks the whereabouts of his son who has lost his way, though Shivengail has the same plans, but only to keep Deirheit to herself and use his abilities to bring the Gods responsible for her Fractional daughters deaths to justice and see them in chains before her.Shivengail is vistited by powerful spirits whom seek to regain a solid form once more through the energy of her sphere. Upon granting this request the Norvellian are resurrected with the promise of using their ancient powers to lure her son to this world.


Another sample chapter from a work titled Arrista.  Notes for this chapter.Thazule- (The Thazulian Monks) Largest of the three elven races. Very spiritual using flowers to symbolize events. Hair color symbolizes much with this race. Most have blonde and black hair, those with red hair are cheerished and extremely rare.                     Joharrian- The first Thazulian King, keeper of the sword Lightbringer.                                                                                               Lightbringer- The mystical sword of light. The blade filled with an unknown white liquid. Lightbringer chooses its own master and repels all who are not fit to handle this blade.                                                                                                                                                         Fractional- A child born from a full-blooded God or Goddess, but the other parent is not of the Gods.                                                      Kintellera- The Goddess of Ice, mother to Aramus. Abandoned her son when she found he did not possess the abilities she had.       Quantilleous- the God of Water. Fractional Chiildren were murdered by Vorax's full blooded son Deiraheit the God of Thunder.         Vorax Va Ivenmore- The Dark Star.The God of Shadow. Seeks a weapon that can pierce a full-blooded Gods flesh.   Jemmega- The Great Eagle Guardian of Kintellera. Once an egg given to Kintellera by Joharrian until it came into contact with her sphere. Stubborn and wise, but admires Aramus more than the Goddess herself.Aramus- Son of Joharrian and Kintellera. The first Fractional to exsist in the new world. Born with silver hair, a trait from Kintellera. Many of the Thazule range in the six and a half feet tall range, but Aramus is around six feet tall, making him shorter than all the Thazulian males.This chapter reflects on the few years after the arrival of Vorax to the new world after the destruction of Avaruus, the City of the Gods far away in the vast stars. A great war between the Gods errupted (see the chapter on The Spoken Word.) Vorax searches this rare new world for a material that can pierce a Gods flesh. In secret he crossed the ocean after tricking Quantilleous, finding the great island in which the Thazule lived.   

Dueling Pete's Piano Bar

Elfwood contest entry for November- Decemeber 2009.

The Spoken Word

This is a rough draft from a chapter in a much larger work titled: Arrista. A short story in its own.