The Companions (Detail 2)

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Stephen Watkins, Jr.

This is the second of 2 detail pics from 'The Companions'. Here you see the Paladin, the wolf-brother war-cleric, his wolf-companion, Fenor, the dark-skinned half-elf ranger, my sister the human Healing Cleric, and Klep, the kleptomaniacle halfling thief. A word of warning: if I ever finish the Season Two group picture, you'll notice distinct changes in the Paladin. That's because, originally, the Paladin was supposed to be a male character. But the old player left and about 2/3 of a year later a new player stepped in. This new player decided he wanted to play a female. I still believe, and will always believe, that the paladin was a man! BTW: that's an assortment of random junk around the halfling (the character started the game with 100 randomly rolled items), and those are tops around Fenor. There's actually an interesting story there. During a major battle, we used those tops as weapons. We lured a segment of the enemy into a trap, then blasted them with the Pipes of Pain. Thereafter, all noise they heard was amplified to cause intense pain. These tops happened to be the whirring kind that make a loud squeal, so we strung em up and let the rip! The enemies were thereafter incapacitated. We eventually won that battle, but not until after my character died for about the second time. My character still holds the records for 'most deaths or near-death experiences' in the game. Thank the 'gods' for staves of resurrection! Artist's Challenge: My Sigil actually appears on the other side of this pic. Look closely at Detail 1.

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