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Stephen Watkins, Jr.

This picture was done a looooonnng time ago--sometime in 1996. It is Mechanical Pencil on 8(1/2)*11 paper. It depicts the attack of a creature that is unique (as far as I'm aware) to my fantasy world. This giant creature towers over the tree tops and terrorizes the hero during the first half of the first book. It is actually the last of its kind, orignally stemming from a species of monster crafted by an ancient evil to serve as the brute force of its armies. The name of this particular monster comes from some evil-sounding letters that I strung together when I was 8 or 9. The name of the race--the 'Gaungthlag'--came much later, from some more evil sounding letters I strung together. I've kept this picture because, to-date, it is the best version I've done of this creature. I didn't even bother finishing my more recent attempt because it didn't even begin to capture this monster. Artist's Challenge: I'm not gonna comment...

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