Cassondra Sweep

Hi and Thank You for visiting my Elfwood Gallery! I grew up in rural Minnesota and have always had three things that I can’t remember being without – a deep and abiding love of animals, an insatiable desire to learn, and an equally insatiable desire to put marks on paper (and other readily accessible surfaces!). Soon after starting college, I became fascinated with the intuitive linework of great Chinese and Japanese master painters, especially in regards to the rendering of animals. It drew me into the study of Japanese art, history and culture, and an academic study in Akita, Japan. Upon my return to the US, I’ve continued my studies and drawn upon that experience to enrich my work. I've been offering my Original Fantasy & Animal Art on eBay for several years & it will be featured at over 50 art shows across the country this year alone. I'm always creating new fantastical, whimsical artworks full of flowing, vibrant colors. I enjoy the time spent creating them & hope they bring you the same sense of joy each time you see them. Thank you so much to everyone who has given my artwork a home & inspires me to do many more! You can see more of my art on my website (and larger images of some art that is previewed here!) - http:// I sell original art, limited edition prints, postcards, and bookmarks from my site, at Sci-Fi and Fantasy Conventions across the country, and on ebay. Please see my Commissions page for information and pricing. Please visit my good friend, Meredith at her Elfwood Gallery. I appreciate your respect for my ownership of my work and my copyrights. All artwork is ©2005 Cassondra Sweep except where otherwise noted & may not be imitated, printed, re-distributed, modified or posted elsewhere in any way without written authorization. Thank You!