Rena Swift

Hi all. I'm just writing here as a fourteen year old girl who is very interested in fantasy and storytelling. I'm sure you know that my name is Rena V. Swift (One of my nicknames is Swiftraven, because if you switch around the letters of my name, that is what you come up with. Pretty nifty, huh? I'm also known to some as Dragonswrath, Dragonsfury, Mieren, Zephraetus, Phalkyn and some others). I'm involved with many school activities, I am the principal cellist in our high school orchestra, and right now, I having great fun with fencing. I now enjoy books by Jordan, Goodkind, Furey, and Martin. I play the piano and the cello, am a national science olympiad medalist. I now read or write fantasy stories whenever I have extra time. As you can tell, however, I'm not really good enough to call an amateur, so any comments you might have will be very helpful to me. I appreciate your willingness to read my stories!

The Dragon Stones

This was my first experiment with sword & sorcery stories. Comments of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


This is the story of Rona Ilymin, a young woman learning to be Ravlei, a manipulator of the elements.

The Dragonsbane

This is based on a traditional Chinese legend. There are probably many problems with the conventions, not all of the dialogue sounds real. If you can help me out, please comment or e-mail! Thanks!