Lily Hawkspider

Spend my day to day feeling and behaving as if a Mouse.  A 'mouse in a big house' I often say.  Very down in the details, nose to the earth, inspecting and recording minute and maybe trivial information.  Not saying I feel especially weak or helpless.  There are some advantages to what I do.....If my Mouse could learn some new tricks I think she would be happier...perhaps if she made friends with a Spider..... I like Osho Zen Tarot, Kitchen Witchery, Herbal Remedies, Yoga, Native American Spirituality, Beading & Jewelry Making, Developing Creative outlets for organizing the disorganization of my thoughts Favourite movies Buffy, Dune, True Blood, Raising Hope Favourite books The Talisman, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Favourite music New Age, World, Female voice, Classic Rock, Folk, Country