Thomas Ames

(the wolf me)Hey peeps! My name is SylverWind Wolfkin, but you can call me Sylver(pronounced silver) for short. I'm a white winged-wolf with black markings on my ears, tail, around my eyes, and on the banding on my feathers. My eyes are green, and glow slightly when I'm really upset ir angry. When my eyes glow, I am able to manipulate fire somewhat, but I'm not that proficient at it. (The RL me) I'm 16 years old(almost 17) and am currently a junior in highschool. I wear glasses, and usually a sterling silver ring with an onyx stone inset into it on my right middle finger, and a pentacle around my neck. I like to wear dark cloths, but I have a very limited wardrobe x..x The ring is something I got from a very good friend mf mine who moved away this past year and it means a lot to me. The necklace I got from a fair recently. I'm also currently learning how to become a computer technician at MMTC, so I go there for half of my school day. When I'm really happy I tend to sing, and believe me, I sing pretty poorly. xD sometimes when I'm really bored I'll scratch away at paper with a pencil and make pictures(link to my gallery above). I also carve wood, but i'm not that great at it. I like music, drawing, friends, online chatting, reading, writing, playing guitar hero, computer games, computer tech., singing(i'm not that good at it though) Favourite movies i watch Avatar The last Air Bender Favourite books lately ive read City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, Forest of the Pygmies, and Wolf Brother. Favourite music zomg where do i start. I'll listen to anything as long as it has almost no techno related sounds in it. One of my favorite artists is Bryan Adams