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Sparkling jewels and riches galore, With marble walls and marble floors. From this luxury I turn away, To face he who stole my heart from me. Not his muscled body nor his gorgeous face, But for his courage that I myself must brace. In my heart I feel such heat, For this man who sweeps me off my feet. He wishes to face the minotaur, I love him more though this stretch is far. I betray my father to lend him a sword, As he may slay the monster without a word. And a roll of thread to find his way out, Where I shall run to my love without a doubt. Away from this place he and I shall go, To an island where lush foliage does grow. There we shall wed to share our love forever, Though soon I should learn he will love me never. Alone on this island he leaves me to die, From my broken heart comes these tears I cry. It spears my soul, this terrible pain For my love unreturned drives me insane. And so my last thread of willpower is pulled, As I write these last lines the wind blows cold. Ruffling my skirts, it points to a cliff As I stand on the edge, to a star I wish: “Swiftly it came, swiftly it shall go. I, Ariadne, cannot bear anymore. Theseus stole my heart and ran away, So I wish, bright star, that this be my last day.” A professional poet said she was impressed by my poem *beams proudly* 'course... she was probably paid to make the students feel speshul...

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I started writting something like this in 3rd grade but my computer died... well I started writting it again. It says something about shapeshifters preferring human form... well, these are my speshul shapeshifters, their only link to other shapeshifters in other games or anything is that they change their shape... And my brother told me that snake people were called naga's, so I'll trust him... I thought they had a different name, but oh wel... guess not. anyways, enjoy!

Ariadne's Poem

This was a class assignment I did in 7th grade... we were supposed to put ourselves in the position of one of the characters in a mythological story the teacher read us and then write a poem or a story... I put myself in Ariadne's position and wrote a poem. Hope you like it!

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