Bailie Benson

 Greetings everyone! Please be patient with me as i'm learning the ropes of this site. I'm kind of technologicaly challenged! If you have any tips for me or see something that needs to be changed, please let me know, I would appreciate it!   I will try to update and reply to people as soon as I can. I am very busy with my school work and am not online all of the time. Thanks for your patience! -BB P.S. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at my disposal, so all of my drawings are camera uploaded for the moment. I like Aside from making art, I also enjoy playing tuba, string bass, electric bass, and occasionally the didgeridoo! In addition, I love to go swimming whenever I get the chance! Favourite movies Stargate, Stargate:Atlantis, Lord of the Rings (all three of 'em!), Farscape, Dragon Heart, The Matrix, and many many more! Favourite books Anything by Tolkien or R.A.Salvatore. Favourite music anything but rap and country. At the moment I'm loving the music of Cirque du Soleil!