Amanda Zimmermann

Hey there anyone who actually wants to look at my drawings. My name is stated above so I'm not saying here. I also go by the name Syric Vega Astrel. I have five other personalities taking residence in my body, Phoenix Greenmyst (plant witch), Doc Zim III (likes to cut things with her big swords), Andie Lightburst (an angel of the Sun), Kako Ito (also likes to cut things with her big swords and has a sleeping disorder) and Syric (who likes pickles, katchup , rubber duckies and flowerpots). Enough about them though, back to me. I'm currently 15 going on 6 and have nothing better to do with my life then sit in front of the computer, daydream, or torrorize my friends. I like anything that has to do with Fantasy and according to my parents I draw way to much. I think my current goal in life is to become either a writer or an animator and then become a hermit in old age who doesn't like liitle kids in their yard and sprays them with hose if they get to close, but that just me.