Angela Szczepanski

Behold I am Angela Szczepanski tremble before my superior knowlege of everything string theory.0_o I started drawing becuse I have A.D.D and must do something with my hands at all times. Thus began my facination with Wings, Fins, Tails, Scales, and everything in between. I'm going to an arts school in Florida and am into singing, dancing, acting and coustuming. People have said that I could go into any one of these fileds but I coose to be a scientist because humanity moves to darnn slowly and I'm inpatient like that. My favourite artists are Amy Brown, Kiniko Kraft, and my best friend Natilie. Other inspiration comes from Babylon 5, Farscape and Stargate..... the list gos on. I welcome you all to my neck of the woods, sorry about the mess. Favourite movies Harry Potter, Heroes, Stargate, Farscape, Ghost Hunters, The lord of the Rings, Star Trek Voyager, Star Wars, Serenity/ Firefly, Gargoyles, Avatar, X-Men, Batman, The hitchhikers Gide to the Galaxy, Babylon 5. Favourite books The Dresden Files, Twilight, Eragon, Harry Potter, Tales from the Night Side, Comics: X-men, New universal, Heroes.