Night Walker

After, like, 10 years I decided to clean up a bit here. My account here is abandoned and has been abandoned for years. I just did not manage, for emotional reasons, to delete the account completely. Sept 17th, 2003: Huh, I haven't uploaded anything in ages, right? Well, I just u/l-ed Enew (the archress). See description at her pic. Nov 15th, 2001: Angel of War, Royal Archer, Gonin, Centurion, Prometheus, Wonderstag and Turul, General, Miserable, Scetches II uploaded. Bio changed. A lot changed in my life too... May 8th, 2001: Elbenborn, Groonts!Groonts!(orc), Sarkany, Dragon(sketch), stairs is up! February 9th, 2001: narses, treenymphe(sketch) and 'romantic' is up.. December 20th, 2000: my first coloration is up: DOD in color! November/December 2000: uploaded 11 pics. Beginnig of November 2000: I have joined Elfwood after visiting it for years (when I was first there, ther have been only about 30 galleries!): I didn't think it was worth joining without having a scanner. Now I have.