Przemyslaw Szymczak

I'm computer science student in city of Lodz in Poland. I'll be finishing the studies next year, and I plan to go to art school. We'll see if I manage to get there. I draw mainly people, or humanoid characters at least. The different faces, different feelings on them are neverending source if discoveries. Very often these are paintings I do for my friends. I like it when They tell me about a character, and I try to draw her/him. I'm inspired mainly by stories, or other artist work. But it often happens that the idea just comes to me, as if it was floating in the air, nearby, all the time. The music is a great source of inspiration. It creates unnique mood, different at every tune... I've got many interests, from drawing and writing (stories as well as letters), through RPG, miniatures, to hand weapons and history. And that's not all of it. :) I send here some works of mine, and hope You will enjoy watching them.