T. Chan

Hey yall. My name's Ta.  and this is my space on Elfwood. I'm a Christian living in Sydney, 'straya, and i am a total fantasy nut. when im not doing fantasy stuff, i play the violin, hang out with my black labrador/staffy called Moui (as in what you would call you little sister in chinese- though i cant speak a word of canto or mando) and go to Churchy on sundays. My electives are Textiles, Elective history and Japanese, but if you ask me anything chances are i will have no idea what you are saying. my Favourite bands are DC Talk, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, Rogue Traders and I like Bach and Vivaldi and Nigel Kennedy . (how cultured of me)Most of the things i put up is just scetches from my many artbooks at home because i am still learning the meaning of "finished product" therefore most of my stuff is balck and white because of my favourite shading pencils :D , and i find i don't really do much deep and meaningful stuff. Once in a while they might pop up somewhere, but really most of my piccies might be illustrations from the meaningless scenes in my head and my own characters. Drawing fantasy is basically all i do in my spare time other than reading fantasy (Have read all redwall books except for the newest one and currectly agonising over the release date for the last book of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini which is estimated to be two years!)  and playing my True neutral elf Fighter/mage/theif character on "Balder's Gate: Shadows of Amn" RPG on the compy (yay :D) Oh yea and i love reading various web comics such as: Earthsong saga, Directions of destiny, cascadia, Sokora Refugees and best of all INVERLOCH. So as yoyu can see my brain doesnt usually have time for reality...at all. It's just that God made me so special i seem strange.  Hey, the other day i thought to myself: The gift to draw is not really a gift. I reckon the ability to appreciate your own art is a greater gift. How clever and profound of me :D so, LOOK AT MY STUFF! thanx. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ah so many changes. LAST update i used many pictures from my old old artbooks, so there are lots of very old pictures in here that ive always aspired to go onto Elfwood one day. Rightnow, my room has turned into a mini studio, and the buying of the book "drawing and Painting Fantasy Figures" by Finlay Cowan has marked a turning point in my art- and so everything is a littl ebit more technical. So here some of the old stuff ends and the new stuff comes in, starting with lots of CG work. My dad also bought me a TABLET for christmas (WOO!!) and so ive started doing some portraits from scratch on PaintShop Pro 5. Im learning ltos of new stuff.