Tabitha *Hockett

PLEASE I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT ANYMORE... PLEASE OHHH, PLEASE IGNOR IT!!! I CAN FIGURE OUT HOE TO TAKE IT DOWN.... DAMN!!!! Holy crap! I really need to update, but I just moved and before then I hadn't got the chance to update or change my bio... or anything!! So please forgive me! Alright info on me My name: See Above Age: 13 1/2 Pets: 4 month ol black persian named 'Gary' (his full name is 'Pretty Gary Meowington, but it should be 'Gary: Lord of the Underworld') Siblings: Evil little 9 year old sister (acctually she is turning 10 this month...) her name is 'Sarah', how oirignal is that? Favorite Bands: Avril Lavinge (I don't care what people say about her, I like her music!), Sum 41, Blink 182, Good Charlotte (BILLY!), Linkin Park... other like that... I love anime and manga... stuff... don't know what to write... don't know... help... please... God... Help... My scanner is not hooked up!! Wehn it is and when I get my pictures scanned I WILL update! Here are some kick-butt artists and writers, if you don't visit thier galeries I will kill you!!!!!!!!! Jen 'sukieo' BamfordArtist Carla *Invader Karasu* BenderArtist Adrienne DeLucaArtist/Writer Laura ai BoutetArtist Alice L. RavenWriter Laura 'Lady D' KorhonenArtist This is all for now, but keep on checking back because I just might update!