Hi all, my name is Christopher Sillett and I live in the Snowy Mountains of Australia.  I am a full-time writer and artist, but earn the majority of my money being a public servant.  Here you will find some of the pictures of the characters within my story.  My book is called Prophecy of Hope and can be bought from Trafford.com or Amazon.com.  It is the first in a seven part series.  I have written the first four and currently writing the fifth.  Only the first is yet to be published though.  The backcover blurb is below. A dark sorcerer rules the tamah posing as a god.  He and his race have enslaved millions, forcing them into servitude of the great Tasions—a powerful race of aliens with ten times the strength of humans as well as other natural abilities.  It has been a thousand years since Volotron came into power, and since then, he and his followers have been unchallenged.Kristena was born with a terrible power, but after many years has learned with meditation and willpower to suppress it deep within her.  Only in times of absolute danger or fear does it manifest so strongly and Kristena becomes a danger to all those around her.  For years she has lived trying to hide her power from most, ashamed, frightened of what people will think if they discovered her secret. Fate intervenes and she finds herself pulled through a wormhole to the deepest reaches of space and into the midst of an ancient prophecy about the red warrior.  Now Kristena must use the power she tried to hide to free a universe of slavery ruled by a false god.  Kristena doubts herself and the prophecy.  If the Volotron hasn’t been defeated in a thousand years, how could she even think to defeat someone so powerful? I like Other than the obvious interests of writing, drawing and colouring, I am a first dan black belt in Kyokushin Karate. I am an avid fan of rugby league, the only real football in my opinion. I also read a wide range of books from SciFi / Fantasy to Urban Supernatural, but enjoy pretty much any story if I find the characters compelling. Favourite movies Favourite movies would probably be The Matrix and The Fifth Element. I like all the Stargate franchises as well as a lot of other SciFi television shows. Favourite books My favourite SciFi / Fantasy books would probably be Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series, mainly because I love the world he has created in them. However, I do like a lot of different authors and genres. Currently I am reading Brent Weeks 'The Night Angel' trilogy. Favourite music My all time favourite band would have to be Linkin Park. Every time I hear them, it just gets me pumped. Predominantly I listen to a mainly rock or heavy metal type rock, but like a lot of other artists like Evanescence, Pink, only some pop music, very little hip hop and rap, and a lot of the other genres I can't think to name right now.