I'm currently in Newcastle, Australia starting my hounours year as Bachelor in Natural history illustration. There is a lot more focus on research and development rather than just drawing for the sake of it. Is interesting but also means less time for fantasy art.However this also means has been a dramatic improvement in my work and will continue to be so.Now that Elfwood allows the upload of PNG's I may update a bit more often than I have in the past: However  I have put up a lot of scraps and snippets at my deviantart site that won't ever get here and recommend you have a look in for the newest stuff there. Only polished fantasy work will make it to elfwood. And I have begun to remove old stuff.General Bio which I shall eventually rewrite: I am a wildlife fantasy artist/illustration student based in Newcastle - am involved with several anthro art portfolios and have had work published for the fan run RAGE the werewolf card game.Araikao 10 is the first elfwood update I have done since  2009. In just haven't been motivated to post here I'm afraid. Perhaps this will change with the new year.Last updated Feb 17th 2010