Tamara Purcella

'Welcome to this quiet peaceful part of the woods. It is inhabited by the artist Tami Pucella age 20. The site has remained quite dormant, not much has been going on. One sec, what's this! There...appears to be something here I don't recognize. Call the Commander!' 'Yes, woodsman, what appears to be the problem?' 'Well Commander, I've come across something that is fairly disturbing.' 'What are you talki....Oh god! I've never seen anything like this since I've been assigned to patrol this area! How could THIS gotten by me! Sound the alarm we could be under attack!Bowmen ready your arrows! Scouts!' 'Yes, sir.' 'Are you ready? We must find out what this disturbance is all about. You could be killed or taken prisoner of war where you will be tortured and fed awful food. This could lead to a hostile takeover where the life as you know it is over. I don't know but it's all up to you now.' 'Commander, it looks like it's just some new pictu...' 'Don't argue with me! Woodsman! Get these peasants out of this area! Now scouts, ready your swords and CHARGE!'