Jarek Buss

Wow it's been forever since I did anything on this site... sad news. An update on my life: I am currently in my second semester at BYU Hawaii, which, as you might imagine, is totally awesome. I'm getting ready to end the semester, go on a two week tour to Hong Kong and Taiwan with the concert choir in May, then return home to Laramie, Wyoming before leaving on a two-year mission for the LDS church. Very excited, but I don't know where I'll be going yet (I'll find out this week!). I won't be writing during those two years, so I'll do my best to pick things back up and get some good time in before I go. Hope you enjoy! I am not an extremely experienced writer, so any comments and critique will be appreciated.Note: Please forgive my abyssmal story descriptions. I can't quite get it to be intriguing and not dumb... Also, special thanks to Jamie Hughes for giving me great feedback on my writing before publishing. I like Fencing, reading, writing, traveling, photography... Favourite movies LOTR, incotestably (is that a word?) the best trilogy ever made. Star Wars (the acting's not great but the stroy line is so amazing it doesn't matter) Pirates of the Caribbean... are there words? Favourite books Harry Potter. Sorry to be unoriginal, but they are so well crafted from beginning to end I can't get over it. The Relic, by Dave Preston and Lincoln Child... I LOVE the Black Magician Trilogy, by Trudi Canavan, then R.A. Salvatore, particularly the Drizzt series. Enjoy Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time. Am also of huge fan of Lord of Snow and Shadow, though the author escapes me... Favourite music Jon Schmidt, Twelve Girls Band, Owl City, The GooGoo Dolls, David Archuleta, Rajaton, Michael Buble, a little bit of everthing...

Secret Diary of a God

A random little blurb about being a god. Not meant in any seriousness, nor with any secret messages about athiesm or anything. This is not about God himself, for who I hold the utmost respect.

Hope of a Hero

This is actually just a scene that I saw in my mind while listening to 'Yesterday' by 30 Seconds to Mars (so if you have that song and listen to it while you read, it enhances the experience). The Image was vivid in my mind that it almost moved me to tears. I've tried to communicate what I felt through this writing, and hope I succeeded, at least a little.


An attempt at high fantasy in a world similar in technology to our own...

Troops of Heaven

An idea into genetical engineering. Credit goes to my biology teacher I guess. What if the human race could be perfected? This is the first of three parts.

Troops of Heaven Part III

This is the conclusion of the story. The humans have allied with Sera in order to prevent a genocide. The cost is not light...

Troops of Heaven Part II

The humans have escaped, but drawn the attention of the Solars...

Snow and Talents

Just a little Herscher Project (Young Artisans) story about a revolution...

Towers of Rabin'dranith Chap I

My standard high fantasy piece, hopefully more will follow...


I read about a creature called 'Mngwa' in a book called 'Maneaters', by Michael Bright. The creature intrigued me, with that carnal fascination of the unknown. So I did a little research on mngwa, and the lack of information was more inspiring than any real fact. The creature is rarely mentioned anywhere. Anyway, I wrote a little story from the point of view of someone who hunts cryptobeasts, creatures whose existence is unproved. I wish to note however, that the validity of the report I quote is dubious, as far as exact wording goes(the web site mispelled the captain's name), but the gist of it agrees with every other account.