26th of october 2007Wow...Updating personal info is easier now. That was long overdue!Not much to tell regarding my art, though.I hardly draw anymore...No inspiration...No muse... 26th of october 2001 Some new art again ! Still do not have an internet connection of my own, so responses will keep lagging behind...Sorry ! 3rd of november 2000 Entry ! Artist summed up : 29 years of age, located in Berlin, Germany...and gifted with memory of his actual talent-discovery-event (unlike most seen loth-colleagues). Blessed child had counted about 8-9 summers when it started dropping thin paper to comic-book page and scribbling thin lines to guidance of shine-through original art. Even cheap technique bears value of expensive lesson... Foolish child had a steady eye-hand coordination self-taught within less than a week. Tiny portraits of relatives and likewise victims were put to exhibition at random intervals and constant lack of care. (A note to young and not so young parents out there : Support your child's abilities !) Seen talent suffered stubborn lack of care for many years...Art classes remaining unvisited...self-teaching left to lazyness. Recent years met better care and Lothlorien example of relevant results... Style stumbling in baby-shoes and waiting to be raised into mature sizes, but moving none the less. Source of inspiration equals subject of care : Love, adventure, fantasy, scientific fiction, philosophy and all that relates (which, coincidentally, is about everything) Held goal ? Job-gain in like field.