I'm a simple person who likes simple things like good heavy metal, animals, and my husband. I also adore cheesecake, tattoos, and God. Other than the occasional glass of wine, I'm pretty straight-edge and pale enough to be goth without the silly makeup. Pet peeves include folks who think they've got all the answers, folks who think they're being individuals by conforming to some rebellious stereotype, and folks who overuse digital media like Photoshop and call themselves artists because of it. Real artists have crud from real mediums stuck under their nails.  Art-wise, I've been told my style is "unique" which is probably true as is evidenced by the fact that I can't seem to get anyone to buy any of it (it's for sale, for the record. Just drop an email if interested).  Although I've delved some into the digital medium, my true love and calling is for anything that can ruin a pair of jeans and stain a shirt. I'm an illustrator, mostly, but I attempt to paint sometimes. I also love photography, and try to only use cameras with actual film in them (digitals are nice, but manuals are nicer). If I can help it, I also do my own processing and printing. Special effects are also done manually unless noted otherwise. In case you can't tell, I'm a strict advocate of staying old school as much as possible when it comes to art, but I do try to balance it out by trying new things so I don't become a total fuddy-duddy.  I like Theology, zoology, philosophy, and a bunch of other things that end in 'ogy', 'omy' and 'ophy'. Favourite movies Al|EN. I doubt if there has ever been a more perfect movie. Favourite books I adore Terry Pratchett. Favourite music Stuff that doesn't suck. In other words, I can't listen to 99.9% of what's popular these days without wanting to strangle someone. There's absolutely no talent involved if a band/singer doesn't write their own material but only performs it. Sorry.