Tantz Aerine

My first book 'Wood to Glass' got published and sold out! *bounces off the walls with joy* This means that my baby, my fantasy trilogy can begin being on the shelves now!!! The Art of Veiling, Part 1 IS A FINISHED, PUBLISHED STORY!!! It has been published in both the English original and in Greek! You can check out the cover here, in the 'Literature' part of the site. *hops around madly*  By The Way! If anyone out there is intrigued by my illustrations, fanart or art exchanges will make me your new best friend!Now for links...Here is the publishing house in Greece, where my stuff is being published. Here in my latest hobby- a webcomic called Wolf, about a new version of the myth of lycanthropy. Plus a little mystery thrown in.Here is THE most amazing artist! Silvestris really brings her characters to life!! And go here for the most breathtaking pencilwork in the Woods so far. Rebekah Lynn's work does not need introduction... And go to Ruth's page for the most stunning portraits and fairies! My sister in art Kim's writer's page! She works and develops her art beautifully in all aspects. VISIT!