Tarah Willett

I'm a 22 y.o. amatuer artist and I mainly work in graphite, but dabble in ebony, as well. Actually, I'm beginning to like ebony more and more. I like to paint, but have only done so a few times. LOL. My drawing has recently turned more towards people, which I was formerly... not so good at. Horses, on the other hand, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I admit I'm not the best, and I do much better if I have something to draw from. But I am getting better at free-hand all the time, and the more I draw, the better I get (duh). I am a professing (well, try to ^-^) Christian, and proud to be so. I also like to read, and I like to try my hand at poetry every once in a while. Oh, I also collect My Little Ponies (hence the webpage), and I currently own just over 400 of them. I enjoy drawing Ponies and I have a Fan Art gallery which includes one of my drawings of them along w/ my Lord of the Rings drawings - please check it out! Oh, and my personal gallery has several non-fantasy drawings on there, that are better than some of my fantasy ones. *Hint Hint* I would be more than happy to consider doing an art trade, if there was an interest. Hope you enjoy and God Bless!~   P.S. - I am willing to do commissioned portraits. (I do much, much better portraits than I do... well, better than any of these!) Check out my personal gallery for more information (or at least to see my examples!) ^-^ *Note* - They are very inexpensive, too! ;) God bless!~